How To Move A Tiny House On Skids?

When most people think about moving a house, they picture hiring a team of professional movers to load everything onto a truck and haul it to the new location. But what if your house is too small to fit on a truck? That’s where skids come in.

Skids are essentially large boards that you can attach your tiny house to and then tow it behind a truck or SUV. In this post, we’ll show you how to move a tiny house on skids step-by-step.


  • Find a flat, level spot to park your tiny house on skids
  • The ground should be firm and level to provide a stable foundation for your home
  • Jack up one end of the house using a bottle jack or similar device
  • Place blocks under the jacks to support them and prevent them from sinking into the ground
  • Attach a set of wheels to the underside of the house at the jacked-up end
  • These can be purchased commercially or made yourself out of recycled materials such as car tires
  • Lower the jacks slowly and carefully until the entire weight of the house is resting on the wheels
  • Push or tow the house to its new location, being careful not to damage any surrounding property or structures

How Do You Move a Tiny House on Skids

Assuming you’re referring to a pre-fabricated tiny house on skids: Most companies that sell tiny houses on skids will deliver the house to your property. However, if you need to move the house yourself, here are some tips.

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First, you’ll need a flatbed trailer large enough to accommodate your tiny house. You’ll also need straps and ratchet binders to secure the house to the trailer. Once the house is secured, you can use a truck or SUV to tow the trailer with the house on it.

Make sure you take extra care when driving, as even small bumps can cause damage to the structure of your tiny home. Also be aware of low overhangs, like tree branches or garage doors, which could get caught on top of your home and cause serious damage.


If you’re considering moving a tiny house on skids, there are a few things you’ll need to take into account. First, make sure the skids are properly rated for the weight of your house. Second, check with your local utility companies to see if they have any regulations or requirements for moving houses on skids.

Finally, be prepared for a slow and steady move – it’s not going to be quick!

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