How Big is the Ikea Tiny House?

Ikea Tiny House is a new project by the Swedish company, Ikea. The house is designed to be as small as possible, while still providing all the necessary amenities for comfortable living. The dimensions of the house are 4m x 2.5m, with a height of 3m.

The total area of the house is 10 square meters. The house is made up of two floors, with a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor, and a kitchen and living room on the second floor. There is also a small balcony on the second floor.

In the world of tiny houses, the Ikea Tiny House is definitely on the larger side. But just how big is it? The Ikea Tiny House is 10 feet wide and 20 feet long.

That may not sound like a lot, but in the world of tiny houses, that’s actually pretty big! The average tiny house is only about 8 feet wide and 20 feet long, so the Ikea Tiny House definitely has some extra space. One reason why the Ikea Tiny House is a bit bigger than most is because it was designed to be used as both a home and a retail space.

The extra width allows for a small retail area at the front of the house, which can be used to sell things like plants or handmade goods. While the Ikea Tiny House is on the larger side, it’s still a great option for those who want to downsize their living situation. It has all of the amenities you need in a home, plus a little extra space for entertaining or working from home.

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-How Big is the Ikea Tiny House

The Ikea Tiny House is just under 200 square feet, making it one of the smallest homes on the market. It’s designed to be both energy efficient and affordable, with a price tag of around $50,000. The house comes with all the furniture and appliances you need to live comfortably, including a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room.

There’s even a small deck where you can enjoy some fresh air. Despite its small size, the Ikea Tiny House has everything you need to live a comfortable life.


Ikea’s Tiny House is just 96 square feet, but it’s packed with all the necessities for comfortable living. The house has a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and bedroom, all cleverly designed to make the most of the small space. Ikea even outfitted the Tiny House with some of their signature furniture and home decor, so it’s sure to be a cozy and stylish place to call home.

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