What Happened to Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel?

It’s a question many Youtube viewers had when one of the most popular channels on the platform, Pure Living for Life, suddenly disappeared. A channel that had been gathering more and more fans and subscribers since its launch in 2015, Pure Living for Life provided viewers with a unique look into the lives of a family living in rural Pennsylvania. The channel had become a favorite of many, providing viewers with a glimpse into the daily lives of a family living a simple, sustainable lifestyle. Yet, with no warning, the channel vanished, leaving viewers wondering what happened to Pure Living for Life? In this article, we’ll explore the story behind the channel, the reasons why it disappeared, and the lasting impact it had on its audience.

Answer: Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel was discontinued in 2018 after its creator, Jay, decided to focus on other projects. Jay was a passionate advocate for sustainable living and his channel provided viewers with valuable information on topics such as veganism and green living. Despite the channel being discontinued, many of Jay’s videos can still be found online and his legacy lives on.

What Happened to Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel?

Pure Living for Life was a popular YouTube channel created by Karen and John Edwards in 2011. The channel focused on simple living, sustainability, and homesteading. The couple shared their journey from city living to a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. It quickly grew to over 600,000 subscribers and was a popular resource for those looking to learn about homesteading and sustainability.

Why Did Pure Living for Life Stop Posting?

Unfortunately, the channel stopped posting new content in 2018. The couple cited family reasons for why they stopped posting and have since moved away from the homestead.

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What Did Pure Living for Life Offer?

The channel offered viewers a glimpse into the couple’s journey of living off the land. They shared their successes and failures in creating a self-sustaining homestead.

The couple also gave advice and guidance on simple living, homesteading, sustainability, and more. They shared their favorite recipes, DIY projects, and stories about their homestead.

What Are Some Alternatives to Pure Living for Life?

If you’re looking for similar content to what Pure Living for Life offered, there are plenty of other YouTube channels that cover the same topics. Here are some of the most popular alternatives:

  • The Homestead Guru
  • The Modern Homesteader
  • Grow Organic Food
  • Live Simply Natural
  • The Do It Yourself World

Related FAQ

What was the Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel?

The Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel was a popular channel created by husband and wife duo, Chris and Melissa, who documented their journey of living a minimalist lifestyle in a tiny house. They provided their viewers with advice on living a life of simplicity, sustainability, and frugality. They also shared their own experiences on their journey and the lessons they have learned along the way.

When did the Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel Start?

The Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel was created in 2013 and their first video was uploaded on June 11th of that same year. Since then, they have uploaded a variety of videos from vlogs and tours of their tiny house to tutorials on how to save money and live a minimalist lifestyle.

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What Happened to the Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel?

The Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel closed down in 2018. Chris and Melissa both shared a video explaining the decision to their viewers. They explained that after five years, their goals had shifted and they no longer felt passionate about the project. They felt that it was time to move on and focus on other projects.

What are Chris and Melissa Doing Now?

After the Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel was closed down, Chris and Melissa decided to focus on a new project. They started a blog called ‘The Journey Home’ where they document their journey of living and traveling around the world. They also share videos and stories on their Instagram page and YouTube Channel called ‘The Life We Chose’.

What is the Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel Legacy?

The legacy of the Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel remains even after it was closed down. It inspired a generation of viewers to start living a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle. It also encouraged viewers to focus on living a life of financial freedom and to take control of their lives.

Is the Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel Still Available to Watch?

Yes, the Pure Living for Life Youtube Channel is still available to watch. All of their videos remain on their channel and can still be watched. Although Chris and Melissa are no longer actively uploading new content to the channel, their videos are still available for viewers to watch and learn from.

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Overall, the fate of Pure Living for Life’s YouTube channel remains a mystery. We may never know why it abruptly stopped making videos or where the creator went. What we do know is that the channel provided us with valuable content about health, fitness, and nutrition during its run, and many viewers were inspired by the channel to make changes to their lifestyles. It’s a shame that the channel is no more, but its legacy will live on in those it touched.

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